Hard to Be Soft, Tough to Be Tender

Model citizen, zero discipline.

School orientation left me feeling more anxious than excited. I’m freaking out about moving away and being solely responsible for myself. I’ve had to be for a while already, sure, but doing so while living at home allowed a certain amount of mental cushion versus living in a cramped space with strangers hundreds of miles away. There’s so many different things to juggle and keep track of and I’m worried something will fall through the cracks and that will be the end of me. Sometimes the weight of it all becomes absolutely soul crushing. Who the fuck built this half-assed bullshit system? And why have we been letting them get away with it for so long? Why does there need to be so many goddamn hoops? Why can’t I just learn unbothered? I hate feeling as though I am wasting my youth not living the way I want to live, doing what I want to do, and feeling the way I should rather than drained of all my color.

Never has a photo more appropriately encompassed myself. #poise #grace #elegance #synonyms

Never has a photo more appropriately encompassed myself. #poise #grace #elegance #synonyms

  • Friend: I think I'm gonna head home see ya later
  • Me: thank god



in first period a girl got dress coded for wearing a tank top with a jacket over it and this scrawny little boy stood up and yelled “OH MY GOD SHE HAS SKIN THE SKIN IS TOO MUCH FOR ME HER SHOULDERS ARE BEAUTIFUL THIS IS TOO MUCH” and the teacher got so annoyed with him that she didn’t get to dress coding her



You go, boy.

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"Girl Scouts promote lesbianism and abortion!"

Yes why do you think I bought 15 boxes of thin mints. 

Yes, but Girl Scout shouldn’t be a thing, it should just be Scouting of America!!

Girls Scouts became a thing because guys could not and still cannot handle women in their troops defend the girl scouts to the fucking death because we aren’t equal and taking away safe spaces for young girls won’t achieve that either 

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